As an Industrial Designer and Creative Strategist with more than 15 years of experience, I have been collaborating with individuals, companies, and recognized brands to create high-impact creative solutions across three key areas: Strategy, Design, and Product/Service Development.
AI-Driven Market Exploration:
Leverage AI algorithms to identify market opportunities for product/service development.
Design Thinking Insights:
Collaborate throughout the design process, to offer valuable insights for innovation.
Customer/User Profiling:
Create detailed profiles of your target audience to tailor solutions effectively.
Business Modeling:
Develop robust business models for sustainable growth through canvas methodology.
Value Proposition:
Articulate the unique value your offerings bring to customers.
Strategic Analysis:
Assess the business landscape to identify opportunities and challenges.
Creative Intelligence / Concept Design:
Harness creative insights to develop compelling concepts.
Brand Creation and Naming:
Craft memorable brand identities and names.
Logo Design:
Create memorable and impactful brand identities through innovative logo design
Product/Service Design:
Leverage Design-Driven Innovation to create bold products and services.
3D Modeling and Visualization:
Take advantage of 3D technologies to visualize and communicate complex forms.
Strategic Prototyping:
Bring product/service concepts to life through AI, 3D printing, and MVP methodology.
Packaging Design:
Craft packaging solutions to enhance product appeal and drive consumer engagement.
Catalog Design:
Design visually appealing catalogs to showcase your product/service offerings.
Point of Purchase (POP) Design:
Create eye-catching displays for retail environments.
Business Pitch Presentations:
Design and prepare persuasive presentations to win over stakeholders.

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