Conexolab _Strategic Design Case Study

Conexolab emerges from the needs of Colombian manufacturing product development businesses, intertwined with the scarcity of professional growth opportunities for industrial designers. It's a business model that leverages a multilateral platform to connect Designers, Strategists, and Entrepreneurs in the pursuit of collaborative projects focused on product development and innovation-driven businesses.

The project is approached by creating a name and identity that mirrors the collaborative and multilateral spirit of the platform. This is symbolized by a triad of overlapping circles in a radial, dynamic, and colorful composition, embodying diversity, connection, and integration as the brand's core values.

By addressing the strategic aspect of the initiative, we developed a multilateral platform model in collaboration with the client. The outcome is a coherent integration of strategic design knowledge, business models, market intelligence, and copywriting into compelling visuals. These effectively communicate the initiative's goals and features to potential investors in a business pitch that illustrates how creative design thinking can coexist with analytical business acumen.

An Ecosystem for Collaborative Open Innovation
Breaking free from the conventional confines of the local industry, we championed a collaborative economy that harnesses the collective wisdom of designers, entrepreneurs, and strategists. By pooling expertise and resources, they forge innovative solutions through a dynamic, multilateral platform business model. Rooted in the shared values of diversity, connection, and integration, Conexolab’s name and model find purpose in driving innovation.

Harmonizing Diversity: The Conexolab Logo
In crafting the Conexolab logo—an emblem of collaborative innovation—we delve into a vibrant narrative. A triad of circles, their edges overlapping like minds converging. Radiating outward, they pulse with dynamic energy. Colors blend to represent a symphony of ideas. This logo embodies diversity, connection, and integration—the very essence of Conexolab.

Empowering Underdog Innovators: Our Impactful Business Pitch
While we didn’t secure the prize, our participation in the Underdog Tech Award 2023 garnered recognition. This prize celebrates and supports technology startups that overcome location-based challenges—whether it’s limited resources or a lack of access to funding. Through compelling infographics, our design seamlessly integrates creativity with strategic business rationale, showcasing how innovation thrives even in the face of adversity.
Design-Driven Open Innovation: The Conexolab Model
We designed an innovative business model that embodies the core values of Conexolab. Leveraging Osterwalder’s Canvas Methodology, we seamlessly integrated stakeholders—designers, entrepreneurs, and strategists—within a dynamic, multilateral platform for open-innovation projects. Our compelling infographics vividly illustrate how we address stakeholder challenges and capture holistic value.
A Comprehensive Methodology for Design-Driven Innovation
Our approach, Understand - Create - Exploit, unfolds as a step-by-step methodology for developing products and services within Conexolab. From thorough research to design and implementation, we harness the full power of design thinking to empower innovation across every stage.​​​​​​
Calling All Visionaries: Join Our Journey!
Seeking sponsors! Below, we share the full outcome of our business pitch. We’re open to potential investors or sponsors who want to see this exciting project come to life—a venture we’ve poured our hearts and time into. Feel free to comment or contribute ideas.
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