Balance Chair _A playful support for meditation

Meditation engages all senses, consolidating memories, thoughts, and perceptions within oneself. Studies suggest that this practice promotes mental balance, relaxation, stress relief, and a retreat from our hectic digital world. However, disconnecting from distractions demands significant concentration.
The Balance Chair is designed to support meditation practice by utilizing the body’s equilibrium to enhance focus through sensory engagement. Its pivot point is strategically positioned to ensure an upright and comfortable posture throughout the meditation session. The objective is to maintain a stable position, facilitating self-control, relaxation, and a swift learning curve. Constructed from a rotationally molded shell with a friction-fit bottom cap, it can be easily filled with sand to adjust weight and stability, offering varying levels of challenge. For added convenience, it includes an optional support stand for everyday use, doubling as a table during meditation. Moreover, it features a replaceable cushion available in various colors for personalization.

Designer _Diego Otero
Client _Lexus Design Award
By focusing on maintaining a stable posture during meditation, the Balance Chair aids in blocking intrusive thoughts that prevent achieving a state of relaxation.
The chair’s centroid is strategically positioned to guarantee an upright and comfortable posture for meditating.
Adjusting the internal filling allows for the modification of the chair’s weight and stability, offering various levels of challenge.
The Balance Chair includes an optional pedestal accessory for everyday use, allowing it to serve as a stable conventional bench. This accessory can also be used as a table during meditation.

Industrial Designer / Creative Strategist
Bogotá, Colombia
+57 314 425 0762

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